I love my man dearly but…

  • Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Ok we love them, care for them and some of us would even dodge a bullet for them (not me per say but some will). They are our better halves, the wind beneath our wings and we couldn’t see our lives being complete without them, right?

That doesn’t mean they don’t annoy us and get on our last nerves with some of the things they do, despite us asking they to stop. Here is a list of infuriating habits some women unleashed on me about their spouses that they wished they had a magic wand to make disappear.

He chews loudly with his mouths open. I dunno about you but that drives me bonkers!

He snores. Surprising I can live with this as I grew up in a house full of snorers so I’m kinda used to the cacophony of noise.

He drools. Here we part company. The mouth water thing is so not sexy!

He thinks he knows everything. Especially when it comes to driving, us women are nincompoops and don’t know nothing so we must sit in the passenger seat and don’t say a word. Yeah right.

i love my man but
He has a personal and intimate relationship with the TV remote. They press those buttons more than they press the ‘right’ ones, if you know what I mean!

He leaves the toilet seat up. If you have ever fallen in at 2 am in the morning you have obviously felt that pain!

He wears batman briefs! Like seriously? An extra child was not in my plans when I got into this relationship.

He is colour blind. No dear, burgundy and wine red are not the same colours!

He thinks watching ‘Family Guy’ re-runs is good wholesome Saturday night entertainment. *Sigh*

He will open the fridge and stand at the door forever trying to make up his mind. Deciding on what to eat or drink should not be that difficult.

staring off like a zombie. smh


Will drink a beer and leave the bottle at his feet on the floor. For someone to unwittingly kick it over!

He will eat his dinner and simply leave the plate in the sink. So pray tell who is supposed to wash it?!

He will waste energy. From cell phone and laptop chargers left in the socket to fans running all day, men will simply overlook these things…until JPS envelope comes.

He will cut his toe nails on your pristine white comforter. Is he crazy or just obtuse?! He obviously has a death wish.

He will invite you to try and outfawt or outbelch him! Yep, for them these should be Olympic events.