Sagging Pants – taking a ‘rear’ view of this practice

Barrack Obama, the former President of the United States talked about it, even Vybz Kartel sang about it. The topic of men whose pants hang below their waist is one that is contentious for some while others do not see it as a big deal. So is it simply a ‘fashion faux pas’ or an indication that something is wrong with standards in our society?

D.U.F.F. – the Designated Ugly Fat Friend

She may be the wing woman, the one who holds the purses when everyone else goes to the bathroom or even the designated driver when others are too intoxicated to hold their liquor. She is the friend that holds back your hair when you are throwing up or carries extra tampons in case of emergency. She is always reliable, gives sound advice and there to borrow money from until payday.