Homophobia in Jamaica – real or presumed?

We see them at all inclusive parties looking flawlessly made up, at bacchanal events gyrating, on pubic transportations, in clubs dancing and out in groups at bar and restaurants making merry and have a good old time. On the more seedy side the plethora of homosexual males working as prostitutes have grown significantly and in recent years, cross dressing men have also taken to the world’s oldest profession in areas such as New Kingston and have a thriving client list from the average Joe to wealthy business men who seek something ‘different’ for their sexual satisfaction.

Black is beautiful


For me Lupita’s win at the Golden Globes and now the Oscars has so much significance. She became the toast of Hollywood and social media. Yes we have many black actresses doing great and holding their own but most had a particular hue. Not since Grace Jones has been  the world been so captivated by a real dark skin woman without picking her apart by saying her lips too big or her hair too kinky etc. Continue reading…