D.U.F.F. – the Designated Ugly Fat Friend

She may be the wing woman, the one who holds the purses when everyone else goes to the bathroom or even the designated driver when others are too intoxicated to hold their liquor. She is the friend that holds back your hair when you are throwing up or carries extra tampons in case of emergency. She is always reliable, gives sound advice and there to borrow money from until payday.

How real are your Facebook friends?

She has liked most of your pictures, laughed at the corniest of jokes and always commented with an encouraging word at the memes you post on social media. Recently you got an anniversary reminder that it is ten years since you and Eva has been friends and you even got an accompanying cute video detailing all the likes and memories you guys have shared but ironically you two have never met in real life.

The good things in life that money cannot buy

We all know the old saying ‘Good friends better than pocket money’ which speaks to the value of real friends being absolutely priceless. Yes we have colleagues and associates, but then we have those ‘ride or die’, bonafide friends that if we call them crying that tou caught your man cheating on you, they would go cuss him out properly and then head over with a gallon of ice cream to sit around watching ‘Waiting to Exhale’ while calling him every nasty name in the book!

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