D.U.F.F. – the Designated Ugly Fat Friend

She may be the wing woman, the one who holds the purses when everyone else goes to the bathroom or even the designated driver when others are too intoxicated to hold their liquor. She is the friend that holds back your hair when you are throwing up or carries extra tampons in case of emergency. She is always reliable, gives sound advice and there to borrow money from until payday.

Do pretty girls have to be domesticated?

Growing up, I was often told the story of a pretty girl who this man fell head over heels in love with and so he married her and whisked her away to his home for them to live happily ever after. That did not happen. Homeboy found out that she not only cannot boil water, but cannot clean, make a bed, wash, iron or hang a curtain. In short order he returned her to her mother’s house with the note “teach your daughter how to be a wife before you unleash you on society.” Ouch!

Looks or Personality…choose one!

What would hapen if you met a great man who opens your car door, lends you his phone to make calls, introduces you to his family and friends and pays you compliments unsolicited. You are over the moon happy and can see the relationship progressing to the next level but there is just one tiny problem. Him nuh cute! In fact that may be putting it mildly as he has a face best seen through snapchat filters.

Looks or Personality… Which is more important?

So you think you found yourself a good man because he is caring, compassionate and considerate. He is romantic, tells you he loves you and get this…even lets you holds his phone and have the passwords to all his electronic devices! He communicates, shows you affection in front of his friends and introduces you as ‘his girl’ to everyone. You are over the moon happy and can see the relationship progressing to the next level. There is only one major problem….he has a face only a mother can love and in his case, that mother would still need at least six shots of Hennessey to show that love as physically he could be twins with Quasimodo.

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