Sayings/beliefs that make no sense (Part 2!

So recently I shared some of the old wives tales that I have heard all my life that really are just crazy myths and legends. Yet some people swear by them and still practice many to this day.

It is partially cultural as many can be traced back to slavery and as long as it is not hurting anyone I don’t have a problem. When you let them control your everyday life is when they become a problem. Sometimes I sit and watch otherwise sensible people do some madness and just shake my head in disbelief but then who am to stop them, right?

So which ones are you guilty of? Be honest!

Sprinkle salt over your shoulder. It supposedly blinds the devil who a look over your shoulder.

Cut lime and sprinkle outside early a mawning. It clears out crosses and destruction. Cut and clear!

Washing your face with rice water will allow you to see duppies! And my question is this: why would I wanna see duppies?!

Burn frankincense in a house before you move in to clear away duppies and evil spirit. Run dem out yes! After dem nah pay rent inside deh!

Sprinkle fowl blood at the four corners inna new home. This yah belief older than dirt. If you nuh waa dem ‘odder one’ a bada you a night time, dem sey u fi find one old fowl and sacrifice it!

If you are pregnant and crave a particular food and scratch your skin, your baby will be born with that ‘birthmark’. My niece has a birthmark in the shape of a crab…and my sister was cravings crab. Go figure!

Sprinkle white rum inna de foundation of a new build. No reputable workman in Jamaica nah build nuh house if dem nuh get some white rum fi sprinkle. It ain’t happening. The rum is suppose to signify that the foundation is blessed, safe and secure.

Opening an umbrella indoor guarantee that you won’t get married if you’re a female. Why is this just for females? Why when men do it them can still get married?! That’s some bull crap right there!

If a boy jumps over you before you reach the age of 12, you will ‘dun grow’. Meaning you will stop growing. A mussi that happen to me mek me a 5 feet 2 and a half! Cho!

If a baby has the hiccups you spit on a match stick and put it on his/her forehead. I have yet t ascertain if this really stops the hiccups.

Breaking a mirror gives you seven years a bad luck! I think this one is universal!

If you spouse dies prematurely, you should sleep in red underwear for a year. After you nuh want him duppy have sex wid you! Duh!

Don’t cut a baby boy’s hair before he is one year old or he won’t be able to speak. Here’s another one i have never really asked about.

If you have a baby and break up with the father and have sex with another man before the child is one, the child won’t walk. Well I know this one ain’t true! hehehehe

To ward off evil spirits from your baby, open a Bible at the head of his crib or bed. Yep, that’s just what it is.

To clean a baby’s tongue properly, you use his urine soaked nappy and rub his/her tongue. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww Next!

The best way to get a baby’s cold out of their head is to simply put your mouth over his/her nose and suck it out! Sorry I’m not squeamish in the least but even I refused to do this. They make tools to get the cold out, thank God!